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The University of the Virgin Islands provides electronic resources to students, faculty and staff to facilitate their advancement of the University's vision and mission.

Users are asked to be responsible for the security and integrity of information by logging out of sessions properly and monitoring access to their accounts. Do not share login credentials with others and report to the ITS helpdesk suspected account intrusions.

UVI persons must respect and honor the rights of other individuals, with regard to intellectual property, privacy, freedom from harassment, academic freedom, copyright infringement and use of E-resources.  Compliance with applicable University policies, rules and regulations is also necessary.

Use of the University's Internet access in a malicious manner is expressly prohibited.  All copyrighted information must be used in conformance with applicable copyright and other laws. Copied material used legally must be properly attributed in conformance with applicable legal and professional standards. Anchor

The myCampus portal is your gateway to email, Banner, Blackboard, campus and learning communities, and other UVI resources. 




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