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The Office of Institutional Assessment is the bridge between institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement.  The goal is to provide consistent assessment, evaluation, and training resources to all stakeholders using modern, state-of-art standards, data and trends.

Hence, Institutional Effectiveness provides UVI employees with training and strategies to support and strengthen administrative services. The training sessions are open to all UVI employees, where applicable. Registration is required.

You have the option to participate in online training sessions via Adobe Connect (similar to Go-to-Meeting), which you can access from anywhere once you have Internet access. An email with further details will be communicated after you have registered for any training session

No training is scheduled at this time.  Please check back again.

New and Existing Staff Technology Training Track New and Existing Staff Technology Training Track

The following training technology track will provide new and existing staff with the opportunity to learn and capitalize on technologies used by the University of the Virgin Islands.
New and Existing Staff/Administrators will learn how to access and use myCampus, SPOL, Banweb, Office 365, Microsoft Office Applications, PeopleAdmin, Banner, DocuSign, Adobe Connect and Professional, and other tools, which will foster competency and continuous improvement in their roles. 
Required: myCampus is a single-sign on tool, in which faculty, staff and students are able to access other applications without re-entering their network credentials. myCampus also allow staff lty to access University information, to include Human Resources forms, messages, news releases, and other documents.
Required: Banweb is a self-service tool, which will allow you to view and update your personal information, view, update and publish your grades, view your pays tubs and more.  Banweb is accessible via the myCampus portal in the staff launchpad.
Required: Office 365 is a Microsoft tool that will allow you to view and compose emails, create and access team sites and view and upload content in a cloud environment, which is very secure.  Users have 25GB of space.  Office 365 is accessible via the myCampus portal in the staff launchpad.
Required: Banner is a data enterprise system, which stores all data of the University. Banner also will allow support staff to enter check and purchase requisitions for payment, while administrators will be required to approve or decline those requests.
Required: PeopleAdmin is where administrators enter job postings, descriptions, evaluations and other employee relations information. Administrators are required to conduct yearly employee evaluations, which are done in PeopleAdmin.  Staff will be required to view job descriptions and evaluations in PeopleAdmin. Staff will also be afford the opportunity to accept, decline and/or provide feedback on their evaluations.
Recommended: Microsoft Outlook is linked to Office 365; however, it is housed on your local computer for easy access and composing of emails.  All University computers have the Microsoft Office Professional software installed.
Recommended: EMS is the room scheduling system for the University.  You will be able to view all events.  You can filter the events per day, week or month. You will also be able to search for available rooms and request to use available spaces.  EMS is accessible via the myCampus portal in the staff launchpad.
Highly Recommended: Helpdesk User Portal will allow you to log and track your tickets submitted for technology assistance by the ITS component. The Helpdesk Portal is accessible via the myCampus portal in the staff launchpad.
REQUIRED FOR ALL ADMINISTRATORS AND SUPPORT STAFF: DocuSign was recently adopted by the University to expedite the handling of documents, and also to reduce the use of paper.  You may access at
REQUIRED FOR ALL ADMINISTRATOR, SUPPORT STAFF AND FACULTY: SPOL (Strategic Planning Online) is a software to manage all strategic plan and institutional goals and objectives, which will be aligned with the budget, assessment and accredititation standards, if applicable. Most staff will not be granted direct access to SPOL; however, all administrators will be granted access. SPOL is accessible via the myCampus portal in the staff launchpad.
Highly Recommended: Adobe Connect will allow you to host online classes/meetings with up to 100 persons.  Administrators and staff may request access to Adobe Connect for a low fee.
Highly Recommended for Support Staff: Adobe Professional is a great editing tool, which will allow you to create and edit forms.  Adobe Professional also allows you to import existing forms to create fillable fields, if needed. 

The TLT Group Online Training The TLT Group Online Training


You also have access to FridayLive online training sessions provided by The TLT Group, which include various technology in the classroom, blended and online learning workshops. All sessions are FREE.  To view and/or register for upcoming sessions provided by the TLT Group, please click on the following link: 
(please bookmark in your web browser)

Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan Consortium) Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan Consortium)

The Online Learning Consortium Workshops are FREE. These workshops are targeted to faculty; however, staff may register, if interested.  Workshops registration closes 24 hours prior to the start date/time of the workshop.  (e.g. if a workshop begins on Friday at 12:00pm ET, registration for that workshop closes at 12:00pm ET on Thursday). See Workshop Model and Policies for more information here. The workshops are designed for users to take at their own pace.  


For more information about the workshops of interest, please click on Online Learning Consortium below.  To register, please send an email to, indicating your name, contact information and training sessions of interest.  Please do not register through the Online Consortium website because you will be charged.

Online Learning Consortium (formerly the Sloan Consortium)

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