What is UVI@USM? What is UVI@USM?


UVI entered into a MOU with the University of St. Martin (USM) on April 21, 2015 to formalize their commitment to collaborate to offer quality career and academic education that will provide students with a solid foundation to enter the workforce.

According to the agreement, UVI will establish an extension campus on USM, which will be called "UVI at USM." The UVI at USM Campus will offer the same standard of quality education offered on all of UVI's campuses.

USM will provide classroom and office space for UVI to establish a physical presence in St. Martin, for purposes of establishing UVI at USM, and for offering regular and cohort driven undergraduate and graduate degree programs for persons unable to attend UVI in the Virgin Islands.  Qualified USM faculty will be considered for adjunct faculty roles where sustainable.

In accordance with the agreement, UVI and USM will work to ensure students can transfer or transfer credit to either institution seamlessly. USM will also allow UVI stand-alone recruitment opportunities with USM seniors.

Additionally, both institutions have agreed to engage in joint recruitment activities and students will have the option of joint enrollment in academic programs that will lead to dual degrees in specific programs. UVI will also assist students in planning their education prior to enrolling in courses.

UVI and USM will collaborate on projects and information transfer in several areas, including, educational sciences, alternative energy, entrepreneurship, conservation and fisheries, educational and psychological research, institutional and student learning outcomes and health disparities. The MOU is for a period of five years.

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Tuition Payment Options Tuition Payment Options

Payment Plans:
1.  Prepay with 2% discount
Prepay in full for Fall & Spring semesters by July 31, 2015 to receive a 2% tuition discount. The discount does not apply to students receiving financial aid, assistance or scholarships.
2.  Pay in 2 installments
The first installment of 50% is due by July 31, 2015. The second installment is due by January 5, 2016 prior to completing enrollment and beginning Spring classes.
3.  Pay in 4 installments
The first installment of 25% is due by July 31, 2015. The other installments are due by October 1, 2015, January 5, 2016, and March 1, 2016.  A 2% interest rate is charged to accounts with this option.
4.  Pay in 5 installments
The first installment is due by July 31, 2015. The remaining 80% is due in four equal installments by October 1, 2015, December 1, 2015, February 1, 2016 and April 1, 2016. A 3% interest rate is charged to accounts with this option.
These options are limited to full-time students who are not receiving scholarships, financial aid or other assistance.  
  1. 1. All returning students must agree to one of the four payment options by July 31, 2015
  • 2. New students must agree to one of the payment options by August 21, 2015
3. Students who do not meet the deadline will be purged from classes
Interested parties should complete the tuition payment plan agreement with a check payable to the University of the Virgin Islands. Tuition & fees can also be paid by cash, credit card, ACH (electronic check), or wire transfer. Online payments by credit card (Visa, Master Card and American Express) and ATH are accepted and processed at http://banweb.uvi.edu.
To ensure resources are available for instruction, students must pay their required tuition & fees prior to the start of classes. Students who do not conform to UVI's Tuition & Fees Payment Policy will be regarded as not enrolled and will be debarred from attending classes, residing on campus, and using services provided to students at the University.
In the event a student covered by one of these payment plans withdraws, or otherwise leaves UVI, the student may withdraw from the plan. If the student withdraws during a term, the refund for that term will be calculated in accordance with the University's regular refund policy. If a prepayment is not fully utilized as a result of early graduation or transfer credits, a refund will be determined as above on a probated basis at the time of the student's graduation.

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